My Favorite Finds (Pregnancy Edition)


Now that I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy (17 days till my due date) I think it’s a good time to recap my favorite items, the ones I couldn’t have lived without for these past 9 months.  Although there are things that you will definitely use more in one trimester and less in others,  I’ve made pretty good use of all these items.

I can’t recommend exercise enough throughout your entire pregnancy (with your physicians approval of course.)  I continued to take spin classes and workout with a trainer all the way up to my 7th month.  I stopped around 7 months for various reasons and definitely felt less energy and flexibility along with poorer sleep, although my SNOOGLE has been a godsend.  It’s big no doubt, but it helps prevent back pain and makes sleeping more comfortable.  I think I’ll have a hard time parting with this after pregnancy.  As for exercise,  even though I’m less than 3 weeks away, I’m trying to incorporate walking and squats back into my daily routine as I’ve read this helps with labor.  Workout clothes that fit well have been hard to find but I like the CHAMPION maternity line at Target because it fits well and is super comfortable and affordable. 

Even if you do work out, your body will change and your belly will inevitably stretch.  I’ve used MUSTELLA DOUBLE ACTION STRETCH MARK CREAM  throughout my pregnancy.  I’m prone to stretch marks so I’m hoping that this will help keep them at bay.  I haven’t seen any yet but keeping my fingers crossed. 

As your body changes and grows you’ll need to purchase new clothes.  I find that whatever styles work for you pre-pregnancy are what you should stick to during your pregnancy.  I like to wear jeans and tight fitting tops so I continued to wear these items during the past months.  You’ll most likely veer towards one type of panel pant.  THE GAP has a wide selection of all three types of jeans and pants.  For me I loved side insert early on which I wore with my BELLABAND later in pregnancy and the full panel as my belly got bigger.  I would recommend buying the BELLABAND in nude so that it can be worn underneath both light and dark tops.  OLD NAVY MATERNITY TANKS have been one of my favorite items, they are cheap and comfy and can be worn underneath sweaters and button downs or as a PJ top.  I think I will continue to use these as I nurse. 

Although pregnancy is a beautiful experience, many women will suffer uncomfortable side effects like morning sickness, nausea and indigestion.  I had really bad morning sickness the first three months and the only thing that helped was sleep and anything ginger. One of my favorite ginger remedies was this GINGER TEA.  As the nausea disappeared and I was able to eat more, the indigestion crept up and now is a daily occurrence.  I have a couple of bottles of TUMS SMOOTHIES around the house and pop a few when it really gets unbearable.   They help soothe and also provide a extra dose of calcium but as always make sure to ask your doc first.  

What are your favorite pregnancy items? 


  1. I really loved Motherhood Maternity!! Great clothes, great fit and great price! Can't believe you're getting so close, I'm excited!!

  2. Yes I agree Ana! They have great things in all price ranges. I’m excited too. Thanks!!