Kiwi, Banana & Spinach Smoothie

Sometimes it’s hard to get all your servings of fresh fruit in during the cold winter months.  I find myself getting bored of the winter selection and veer towards the frozen aisle.  Enter the often forgotten super fruit called Kiwi.  This fuzzy little fruit is not only low in calories but chock full of vitamins, minerals and flavor.  It’s particulary high in Vitamin C and fiber which make it a great choice for adding to smoothies.  

I love having smoothies as a late morning or mid-afternoon snack and have been throwing this one together when I need a little energy.  It’s full of fiber from the apple, chia seeds, spinach and kiwi, while the yogurt provides some protein which should be eaten at every meal/snack.  The banana, apple and kiwi really do provide enough sweetness but I added some honey since I was making this for my husband who has a pretty big sweet tooth. 

I'm curious to experiment with kiwi and see what other recipes I can add it to.  Do you have any favorite kiwi recipes? I’d love to hear! 

Serves 2

1 banana
2 kiwi, peeled
1 tbsp honey
2 tbsp chia seeds
heaping 1/2 cup yogurt (I used 2% Greek)
1 apple, cored
large handful spinach
1/4 cup water
ice to taste (I like my smoothie very cold)

Mix all ingredients together and blend till smooth.  Add more or less water to reach desired consistency.


  1. Oh hello there, yummy + healthy smoothie! Great recipe, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. This looks so yummy!! I've always been weary of green smoothies, but I'll deff have to try this one out! xo

    Evolution of Glam