Happy Hump Day!   

Wednesdays are always tough for so many reasons; I usually run out of ideas for dinner as I mentioned HERE, laundry starts to pile up as do commitments I made earlier in the week, and motivation to go to the gym and eat healthy slowly start fading.  So...I’ve decided I am going to tackle that proverbial “hill” head on and declare it Workout Wednesday instead!


Every Wednesday I plan to share some health and fitness inspiration that I hope will motivate both you and me to stick with whatever resolutions we made Sunday night and sail right into Friday (always in style of course).  Today I am sharing some of my favorite workout clothes and accessories in every price range.  

If you have any suggestions for Workout Wednesday, head on down to the comments and let me know.  I’d love to hear from you! 


  1. Love the gap shorts!! So cute!! Make some recos for fall/winter when you can!