Art Imitates Life

Last week I talked about how much I love top knots HERE because they’re a snap to pull together and look so chic, but who knew they make great artwork as well! 

Artist and illustrator ELIZABETH MAYVILLE sure knows.   She has taken two of my fashion favs (top knots and stripes)  and used them to create fun and fashionable art!

While art is subjective, there is no doubt Mayville’s work evokes beauty and calm.  Check out her ETSY SHOP for these affordable top knot prints ($20) and while you’re at it take at look at some of her original paintings which are equally fabulous. 

  She has also teamed up with MOLLY MATTS (a designer mattboard company) to add some color and pattern to her top knot prints which make them even cuter!


Only thing left to do is decide where to hang it. 


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