Simple For Summer: Shorts & a Tank

Tank Top: LOFT (SIMILAR HERE) / Shorts: LOFT / Shoes: Cole Hann Outlet (SIMILAR HERE) / Bag:MADEWELL / Cuff and Earrings: Old VOCABULARY SAN DIEGO (SIMILAR HERE and HERE) / Sunglasses: LOFT

I’ve been so caught up lately thinking about Fall shopping.  It’s hard not to when sweaters and booties are hitting the shelves and they look so warm and comfy.   Fall is hands down my favorite season for the weather and the fashion.  I love dressing in layers and rich colors and fabrics.  

But back to summer, which we still have a good amount of left, because I’m also a sucker for a hot sunny day.  My favorite part of living on the East Coast is that not only do we get all four seasons, we get to dress for them too!  Although I may have a favorite, there is something special about each one.  So when the mercury is hitting 85 plus, there’s nothing better than throwing on a sun dress or a pair of shorts and a tank.  


Summer dressing is easy and simple but that doesn’t mean that it has to be boring.  These pleated linen shorts prove it.  They could easily transition from day to night (something I am a big fan of AS YOU CAN SEE HERE.)  Throw them on with a patterned tank and some statement jewelry and they couldn’t look cuter.  I wore them on my recent trip to Italy with my favorite CARRYALL TOTE, which I love so much I’m considering buying in BLACK as well.  

We visited Cisternino, a picturesque town in the region of Puglia, right around lunch time when most cities and towns in Southern Italy shut down for a 4 hour siesta, so it was quiet and somewhat empty (great for taking pictures.)  I snapped a few cool ones and got a favorite of me and my husband.  I wish I could go back!

P.S These shorts are on SUPER SALE  at LOFT along with lots of other great summer essentials.  Get them before they are gone!


  1. I love the region of Puglia!! Not often do you see someone giving a shout out to a place so off the beaten path. The outfit looks confortable and cute at the same time. Travel friendly for sure. Hope you have more fashion and southern Italian sights to share!

    1. It’s a great region to visit with beautiful beaches, interesting cities, and great food. It’s still somewhat undiscovered so you don’t have to compete with large crowds of tourists but it’s definitely getting hot! Glad you liked the outfit!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Haley,
      Glad you like the shorts. They are on super sale at Loft!! Thanks for stopping by!
      xo Michele

  3. Great pics! Looks like a really good time!


    1. It was wonderful Floortje! Glad you liked the pics. Thanks for stopping by.
      xo Michele