Tasty Tomatoes Anytime

I’m Italian, so tomatoes pretty much come before bread and milk on the kitchen staples list in my house.  Nothing beats a tomato sauce or salad made from freshly picked in season tomatoes. Unfortunately, for about 9 months out of the year most tomatoes are bland and tasteless.  There are amazing brands of canned tomatoes for sauces, but what to do when you are craving a fresh and flavorful salad? 

Enter the Kumato tomato.  This fairly new variety of tomato has been popping up in supermarkets everywhere.  Originally developed in Spain, Kumatoes are now grown in many countries throughout Europe, as well as Canada and Mexico.  They are medium size, ranging in color from green to reddish brown.  Their  thicker skin and naturally higher fructose content allows them to maintain a longer shelf life.  If you’ve had one already, you know that they are sweet and juicy and their intense color really makes them stand out on plate.  One of my favorite ways to enjoy them is with avocado and basil, topped with some extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and sprinkle of sea salt.  Don’t forget to add them to your next shopping list!                                                                                                        

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