Olympic Style

The Sochi games have been filled with concerns and controversy in everything from strange double toilets to dangerous yellow water in hotels.  The opening ceremony athlete parade was no exception.  It had it’s own share of concerning uniforms ranging from drab tracksuit inspired outfits, to brightly colored snowsuits that looked like they were plucked off the clearance rack at The Sports Authority.  There were some fashionable standouts to whom  I’ve awarded my own gold, silver and bronze medals.


Although some might say that you could wear this outfit to next year’s ugly Christmas sweater party, I just love it.  It's fun, it's kitschy and yeah it's a bit over the top and screams patriotism; but what better place to flaunt your patriotism than the Olympics?  Fireside hot chocolate, anyone?    

It may be a small country but it's certainly big on style.  Estonia knocked it out of the stadium with this black, white and right all over look.  What’s not to love about perfectly fitted crisp parkas in colors that never go out of style? 

Would you expect anything less from Sweeden?  I don’t even know where to start.  Yellow and blue are two of my favorite colors and they look amazing together.  I want this asymmetrical jacket in my closet today and that scarf makes my heart flutter. This outfit is Olympics by day, fashion week by night. You go Sweden!     

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